‘Working for exhibitions and museums is great fun. Developing concepts and writing scripts for dynamic audio/visual experiences, enables creativity to run riot. The licence allowed here also injects fresh thinking into my other work.

The BHP Experience gives people a taste of work in the old steel mill in Newcastle, NSW.

The Banbury Mine in New Zealand gives people a ghost tour featuring a range of monologues from dead miners.

For the Australian War Memorial I got to write my own war epic script, based on the real communications during the Battle of Long Tan.’

For the Bays Precinct Redevelopment Symposium, I took the history of the area around White Bay, Backwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay and developed a theme for each of the bay areas that helped visiting international experts gain insights into the history of each area. I also scripted the teaser video and plenary video as well as writing a history of each area. The client cried on hearing the script for the first time (this was, apparently, a good thing).

Exhibition work done with:
Mental Media

Bay Precinct Symposium work done for:
Jack Morton