Checklists aren’t just for the anally retentive or the memory-challenged (and we all go through phases of both). They might be mundane but they can prevent you from overlooking some basic errors.

Someone forwarded this eDM ( = electronic direct marketing, for people with real jobs) to me, asking me ‘What’s missing?’ It took a while of me to work it out, but it’s actually pretty fundamental.

Have a look and see if you can work it out.



No, it’s not the full stops 

The lack of them, along with the unnecessary colons, might irk my inner pedant, but they don’t stop this being an effective communication.

I like the fact it is straightforward, gives clear information and doesn’t go for the hard sell (particularly as it’s for gambling).

However there is absolutely no way to connect to the new site they are introducing: no links within the email, no links for the mobile and iPad apps,  not even the new Ubet web address. Recipients would have to google Ubet or go to the old site and be redirected.

A good old communication objectives checklist would have picked this up:

  • Who is for?  (our existing customers)
  • What do we want them to know?  (there’s a new site and apps but all their account details are the same)
  • What do we want them to do? (Visit the site? Download the app? Place a bet?)

I’m not showing this to poke fun, just to point out how easy it is to miss something vital…

…unless of course you have your checklist.


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